To whom it may concern:
The University of New England has a small but important collection of works of art, many of which are by early and notable Australian artists. The collection is not only valuable in a monetary sense, but is also of considerable historic importance. The University's Works of Art Committee has a policy of regular and systematic conservation and restoration of the works in the art collection, and Mr. Thomas Koether has been commissioned to undertake some of this work for the University over the past two years.

Mr. Koether, for example, has cleaned and conserved the following works of art, and has provided detailed and comprehensive information and photographs of the work carried out:

     Perugia, Italy by Sir William Ashton (oil on canvas, value $A8,000)

     Thames Nocturne by Sir William Ashton (oil on canvas on board, value $A3,000)

     Still Life by Nora Heysen (oil on board, value $A1,000)

     A Garden Corner by Arthur Murch (oil on canvas, value $A1,800)

The University has been more than satisfied with the high standard of work undertaken by Mr. Koether and proposes to continue using his services on his return from overseas.

Mr. Koether has expressed his keen desire to continue learning and widening his skills in the field of art conservation, and the University is pleased to commend him to anyone who is able to assist him in this regard.

~Gwenda Shannon
Chairman, Works of Art Committee & Custodian, University Art Collection
The University of New England

To whom it may concern:
Thomas Koether has been engaged by the Gold Coast City Council for the past twelve months (1985/1986) to carry out restoration and conservation work on the City's Art Collection. The Collection comprises over two hundred and fifty works that in the main are contemporary mixed media, but includes works of historical content that have required extensive restoration. The Collection has been prepared for hanging in the recently completed City Art Gallery.

I wish to recommend Mr. Koether's work in this regard and this Council has been pleased with both the work carried out on the collection and the prompt and immediate service offered by him...

Mr. Koether has been selected for work on the City's Collection primarily on recommendation from other major regional galleries, but it must be noted that in the process of finding someone suitable for this task, it has been found that there are very few qualified people in this region that would completely fulfill the duties required...

~R.H. Brown
Town Clerk, Gold Coast City Council

To whom it may concern:
I have known Tom Koether since my arrival in Armidale in 1983. To my knowledge, he had been practicing as a conservator/restorer for many years prior to that date.

After seeing his portfolio, and talking to him, I had no hesitation in contracting him to carry out conservation on several works. These were and continue to be done to The Art Museum's satisfaction. I have continued to use Mr. Koether's experience and have recommended him to several private collectors and to The University of New England which has an important collection.

Being on University Council, I am partly responsible for their Collection and therefore I have been able to observe the work carried out by Mr. Koether. In all the areas of conservation, such as paper and paintings, everyone has been more than happy with his expertise...

~Joseph Eisenberg
Director, New England Regional Art Museum



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